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Major Change with minor steps

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I am going to start this journey with a peaceful mindset and hoping to strive while quitting games. Games have been major part of my life ever since my childhood and I am 25 now it’s not going to change unless I do. I know it’s difficult but it’s definitely not as difficult as sitting and playing games while watching others achieving same dreams which once made you restless. With games we quickly settle for mediocrity. I believe human nature is perfect and not an average one in this ever evolving world. I hope all the brothers realise what’s stopping them from quitting gaming and leading their perspective of perfect life , all the best to all who are trying with at most endeavours. Soon or later you will be thankful to yourself for doing so.

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Hey welcome to the forum! I love your positive outlook and your optimism! I fully believe that you'll be able to quit and change your life around and not settle for one of mediocrity. I also feel the same way about gaming making us stop at being mediocre in life. I used to excel at school and lots of passion as well as self control and pursued hard work. Through over gaming I now have settled for lower grades (still decent) and have much less real passion for following hobbies or long term goals. I hope that by quitting game (and overconsuming other media etc as replacement) that I will get back the passion and the drive to do hard work. I also get bored much faster especially when doing school work and I hope that that changes with time as I limit my gaming.

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