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About me and my gaming addiction.


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First thing first, my english isn't that great I may commit writing errors during this text because I don't speak english as my main language. I'm 14 living in a happy family the only boy 3 older sisters and the last kid of my family I have few nice friends we all share the same hobbies video-games and computer building I am not bragging about it but I am the smartest in almost all my classes History, Math, Science , French, Geography always had extremely good results like 19/20 on average in math and i barely study not even 10 mins a day i just listen in class. I started playing games when i was 4 my dad bought me a ps3 I always begged him for it because I had a friend who had one too. I started playing games like Minecraft and Bo2 when i was around 8 but it wasn't an addiction yet i wasn't playing competitively at all and played for fun one day my ps3 broke for no reason and I started playing games on my old laptop that could barely run minecraft i played it for fun etc barely 1 hour a day.

Here's where the addiction begins I'm 12 my friends are playing games like FN and other games like this and i'm very attracted by those games but i couldn't run them on my crappy laptop so I convinced my dad to buy me a 900$ gaming laptop that is actually pretty great and i started playing games like Fortnite and Minecraft with friends and quickly started to get better and better and always wanted to get better which made me play more and more and I started playing a lot and my family tough it was too much  so my dad put a limit on my internet to prevent me from playing too much which i think was the wrong thing because it made my craving 100x worst and always made me think of video-games. Time passes and one day when I was 13 my friend introduced me to League Of Legends it didn't seem fun at the start of the game but i quickly started playing more and more and got better and better in the span on 1 season (season 9) I got 700hrs played which is just so much and when I saw that i was like look at all this free time lost i could of been productive and do a lot of things. My family always tried to push me back from playing video-games but the addiction always had the upper-hand on me and I just feel owned now like i can't control myself also because most of my friends play the same games than me. One day me and my sister that still lives with us because she is in uni decided that owning a dog seemed nice and we asked countless of times to our parents which always said no except one day when they said yes we got the dog a female husky which probably isn't the best breed for someone who spends their time gaming but my sister still takes care of her and i take her on 3 miles walk once a day each day which is a lot but she still needs a lot of attention and exercise and my sister that goes to uni doesn't have the time to study do her exams and take care of the dog all at once and asked me for help but I find it so boring playing with her and I know that it is not because the only thing that makes it boring is me constantly thinking of playing LoL and I know that if I can stop this tough from my head I will enjoy playing with her a lot more. The problem here is that stopping playing video-games is hard for me because my life was built around it my friends, my discord , my instagram is following LoL meme pages etc everything reminds me of them. I don't want to leave video-games because it will make me feel like i lost everything which i don't i need to find new hobbies but everything, every single hobby seems boring if it has nothing to do with gaming or building computers. The only thing that may feel just ok is coding it's not that bad but I have very low experience on it I started learning HTML , CSS , Java script and a bit of python it seems ok but not comparable to gaming. I really don't know what to do because if i stop playing games ect and unsubscribe from every YT channel that is related to gaming I will feel like my life got reset and that everything is lost. I'm lost i don't know what to do and now its quarantine so the gaming craving is even stronger to be honest i want to stop gaming just for my dog because i want her to live a happy life and not to be with a shitty master that brings her very low attention exercise and sometimes forget to feed her for and 1hr because of games. I've said it all help me please.



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