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Taking a leap of faith


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Good day & thanks for taking the time to read my introduction. 
So I was first introduced the game quitters about a month and a half ago from a ted Talk video on YT. Now at first I was rather intrigued about the whole idea and the website but to be quite frank, I didn’t believe that video games had any control over my life one bit... until I started doing some serious introspective thinking about my WHOLE life and where I am today.
To be honest I’ve had prior experience dealing with addictions and although I overcame those, video games just didn’t seem like they’d be one of them. But to be even more honest video games became the first addiction I’ve ever had.  I came back to gaming HARD was about 8/9 months ago when I had broken up with a gf that I really cared about.. but instead of drugs or alcohol - video games became a HUGE outlet. I started cutting people off in my life, cancelling plans, stopped training in the gym and if I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t even leave my place for a few days at a time. I even started to feel it was taking over and knew it wasn’t good.. and through the tormenting thoughts I drove myself into going even harder. 
Now what led me to want to take this 90 day detox was the obvious fact that I wasn’t happy with my overall place in life. I decided I had to make some serious changes.. and so I decided to move forward and give it a try - after over a month of procrastinating about it. What’s the worst that can happen, right? And now is better than never anyways. Since, I made a commitment to myself and only myself to do what’s best for me. I’ve also went above and beyond as to also remove some other pleasures I’ve been abusing like weed, no fap, & over watching tv. I’ve been told it’s a bit extreme to remove everything at once but doing things in an extreme way has always been the way I’ve done it and in my personal experience, it works. It’s only been 6 days since I made the decision to turn my life around & my overall experience has been good so far. I’ve had thoughts and cravings but I quickly shut them down by doing something as simple as getting out the house and going for a walk - and count that as a win! I know there’s going to be harder days and that’s when the true test comes into play but I have faith that things will turn for the better. By reaffirming myself daily on why I’m doing this and where I want to be in the future has been a great motivator. I just look forward to moving ahead in life doing the things I love to do, exploring different area’s of myself spiritually and just becoming generally more involved in life. I’m looking forward to what these next 84 days (hopefully never come back) have in store - good or bad but overall just growing as an individual. I hope you’re all doing well and wish the best of luck on your journey. 

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