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Nworthy, day by day


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Day three,

So, it took two days before I felt the need to start this, maybe I just wanted a place to express the way I'm feeling or just somewhere I could vent without expecting anyone to ever read it. I dont really want to think of this as a 90 day detox but more of a new beginning, like making an alt, I want to better myself, my wife and reskill my life into something more, we have so many dreams and gaming is the major road block to them.

I've played video games for as long as I can remember, I'm almost 30 and the longest time I've gone without playing games is five weeks and that was this year, its affected all aspects of my life from relationships to work and now university which we've given up so much for me to have this opportunity.

So, diary time, this is day three.

What did I achieve today? I went for a two-hour walk, alone with my camera and the gaming the system podcast. At first, I was nervous, for some reason I stopped enjoying going out alone, I think it’s because I get bored or I just don't want to be alone. It was a nice change from getting up and jumping straight onto WoW before washing or making food. I even came home and cooked dinner with my wife and we sat and ate it together while chatting, normally I'd sit Infront of my computer to eat.

Main issues of the day? I didn't get any work done like I was planning to, I have impending deadlines and exams within the next couple of weeks and I dont feel ready for them, I could of been had I not played WoW for the last four weeks but tomorrow if a new day and a new chance to make changes. Getting bored is still a worry but I'm convinced that I'll keep myself busy at least till classes start at the end of the month.

Mood? As I sit here in bed, I feel ok, almost calm. I still feel bad about the way I look but I've decided to contact a local gym tomorrow about a trial session. The feeling of been alone is still there but I’m hoping that will fade the more sociable I become.

Tomorrows goals? Call gym and attend session. Make a structure for my essay.

closing thought's, things will get better, life will be better, and I can achieve my goals.

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