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I gave away my Steam Account


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Hello, fellow game quitters!

I am 20 year old video game addict. I've been playing video games since I was six.

Two years ago, I realized how much I've sacrificed for gaming and went into the worst depression of my life. I recently came across Cam's stuff and finally recognized gaming as an addiction.

I read a post on the StopGaming subreddit yesterday about how the poster deleted his Steam account. I'd already deleted Steam from my PC many times only to reinstall it to play games again. I felt like I needed to do something just as drastic as this person. There's a feeling within me that's been growing steadily for the last two years: Gaming can't provide any value towards my goals.

Of course, I tried to talk myself out of it. I agonized over it while looking through my library thinking "Look at all the games I'm throwing away if I do this". I thought about it for hours, but I couldn't convince myself that the account had value to me anymore. I couldn't rationalize it anymore: Yeah I was throwing all these games away, but I'm doing it because they should be thrown away.

I sent my best friend a message with my account details. It's now his account. It feels surreal to think the account that I've spent the last 10 years with, along with all my games, is gone. I'm glad I burnt the largest bridge I had towards compulsive gaming.

My biggest difficulty right now is that I've lived as a shut-in for the larger part of the last two years and I'm terrified of social interaction. I need to get out more, or else I end up turning to other compulsive behaviors. Moving forward, I want to build my social skills and feel comfortable interacting with other people.

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