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Shivam Bhatele

Any Free Resource to Learn Scripting

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Hell All, As of now I am trying to learning javascript programming but didn't find any best free course by online, Anyone knows any online book or resource where i can start my journey in programming, Seriously I am so happy if anyone share some tips with me about javascript programming.

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I recommend that you learn how to do front end programming. and I, for one, do recommend learning jQuery, it will teach you a lot about how `this` works and get you used to callbacks and the event driven model as it's quite common.

That being said, I would also highly recommend checking out some back end programming in JavaScript as it's becoming more and more popular and, frankly, it's very fun. So take a look at NodeJS, ExpressJS, SailsJS, EmberJS, etc... And when you do that also do yourself a favour and dig into build tools like Grunt or Gulp, they will help you out and are in general good to know (but have a somewhat steep learning curve).

And definitely learn vanilla JavaScript first, but after you learn the in's and out's of that I would suggest checking out some languages that compile to JavaScript such as CoffeeScript. I'm glad I started with vanilla JS to get a feel for the language, but on a daily basis both on my own projects and at the office I very, very much prefer CoffeeScript. Particularly for avoiding the ugly mess that is callback hell.

Happy coding! I know a fair amount of people who still think of JavaScript as a 'toy' language, but it's come a very long way and is about to become much more powerful with the upcoming ES6 spec.

P.S.: Make sure you learn about the 'gotchas,' especially if you're coming from another language. Particularly hoisting and the scope of the `this` keyword (and how to preserve it).


Here are the top javascript courses which you need to start with. Also @ismailkanaan Also given a list of good resources in his answers.


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