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NEW VIDEO: Is gaming a waste of time?

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Sidney Taylor

26 year old male history teacher, quitting gaming for good.

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Hi y'all my name is Sid, I'm a young American school teacher who is addicted to video gaming. My video game experience started when I was 3 years old back in Cleveland, Ohio when I first played my first game; Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. I was hooked and still remember that first play through. Since then I have had every game system beside the first Xbox. Oh yeah and Banjo-Tooiee (1999) on the N64 totally hooked me.

 Honestly video gaming didn't become a major problem until after I graduated from Kent State University and moved to Las Vegas. Becoming a teacher and being the best teacher takes a lot of your focus and attention. Video gaming became my escape from the pressures of my new career. Also weed and alcohol didn't help either. After getting sober I gamed even more. Now I have decided to quit gaming for good. 

I've spent thousands of hours of my life gaming and now I'm going to look at gaming like I do other harmful drugs. On a lighter note I have read more books in my first week without gaming than I have in three years. Gaming is such a waste of time and motivation. No longer will I spend $400 on fortnite skins and thousands on games in general. Wish me luck. Good luck to everyone else making this huge and positive life change. 

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welcome @Sidney Taylor 

16 hours ago, Sidney Taylor said:

I've spent thousands of hours of my life gaming

all of us are struggling of this problem which affects our career .


16 hours ago, Sidney Taylor said:

I'm going to look at gaming like I do other harmful drugs

yes it is like drugs ! for me i have stopped gaming + porn watching + masturbating + other addicted things together ! 

i have tried to quit them one by one , but i have failed tons of time .

the best way to quit bad habit is to change your daily routine and being a new person !

u have to change everything step by step , changing or editing your room , changing friends (especially gamers and time wasters but we have to do that nicely) , changing hair style if u have 1, changing  clothes , the color of the lamps in your house  etc . all of that can help you to change your daily  routine .

i will not go more on details for now . i will just tell you the summery .

1- change every bad thing

2-replace them with better things

3-meditate and join a group with the same interests * u already done this on the virtual world but now u have to find it in real world .

4-if u feel crave to your old habits then u have to go to bathroom washing your face and drink water

rely on GOD he will help you

the members here  will help you too .

more details will be revealed soon


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