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Refrained from purchasing a PC


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Today I managed to stop myself from purchasing a high-end PC (i7-8700k, RTX 2080, watercooled) and a monitor (1080p 144hz IPS). 

Hopefully this means the start of a game-quitting journey that will lead to something more than temporary happiness and no end result. 

I have been running for the past three days and meditating for the past two days. Both of these activities are my primary habit goals for the near future.

This is a bit off-point, but I found a quote that stuck to me, from Robert A. Heinlein: "Being priviliged to work hard for long hours at something you think is worth doing is the best kind of play." 

I know how cliché it sounds, but life really is too short to spend it at temporary things. Make the most out of your life, your future you will thank you for it. Every hardship you endure at the moment will be a moment to look back at with pride in the future.


Anyways, I will celebrate my victory by going to bed early. Have a good one.

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