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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Game quitter from South Korea

Jason Park

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Hey, I' am Jason from the world of online games. I played Overwatch for 10 hours without pause yesterday in PC Bang(internet cafe).

While working time, I don't think about games, but when I am relaxing in my room, I feel so happy when I imagine playing Overwatch, then my legs move to PC Bang.

I am happy while playing Overwatch. But it takes over my life seriously, I want to improve myself for getting a better job and better daily life. I feel that I lost motivations to develop myself after finishing games. 

I want to have some good tips from here to quit playing games. 

Thank you.

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I'm struggling too. I've lost most of my life(I'm 40) to my irresponsibility with them. Like you it's often when I'm happy and relaxing the cravings go highest. I've been keeping day counts and up to seven. This after getting to 9, then relapsing hard for a few days. This morning the cravings and rationalizations followed me as I went running, and still after. Partly, because I'm reading a great geopolitical book, and my favorite game crack is strategy gaming. Perhaps not the smartest book choice right now, but I'd rather not give up all my loves.

My strategy right now is to come here for help when the cravings are bad, reinforcing why I don't play. The first video, when you go through the emergency process is good as well. Explaining how it relates to, alleviates, but ultimately deepens depression. 

Despite elaborately asking for help in the real world, I've not been able to get it, or perhaps for them to get me. I know I have a problem, and hoping to get true help here, and maybe help a few people. Gaming proves we can love and live enthusiastically, now to truly do it in the real world, or maybe even truer, our real world. That's a hell of a process. Most people don't truly live THEIR lives. I think I am part of a subset that gets more sick not doing that, but also wants to live even more fully. 

Take care. I care and others who know care. 

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