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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Better now than later

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Hello Fellow People

My Dan and have played video games for around 14/15 years where the last 10 years have been the issue, but two weeks ago i decided to quit. 

I recently quit smoking after 7 years but I am still a party smoker, but by stopping smoking I learned 3 things,

1 it reduced my stress factor by a lot, like you don't have to worry about cigarettes. 

2 the freedom, you get from not having the addiction controlling you. 

3 it was not the only thing that controlled me. 

So the last 3 months I had ordered new parts to my pc, brought games on steam, just to own them and not play them, and after using around 250 euro one month, I realised something was wrong.

I think one of the first thing I googled about got me to this place, or to the YouTube channel. But I am grateful that I have found a place where other people fighting to quit gaming

My Goal is being the one that control the games and not the one being controlled. 

Gaming have done so much harm to my life and much more than my friends and family know. I hope to get to know some of you guys, and that we can help each other more out!

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