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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Dear Diary, let's be friends


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Dear Diary,

Today I started a new journey by quitting video games. I know, I know, I have told you this many times before but this time I am serious. In the past all the attempts have been solo and never really gotten to the source of my problems. The cold hard truth is that I am the source of my problems. I am the only common denominator for all those problems of which, are mine. Now, not all these problems are truly my fault or anyone's fault in particular. A lot of things happened that we couldn't control and it would be selfish to cop out and take the blame. However, I am responsible for all these problems that are now mine. Part of taking responsibility is now I am removing the crutch that for so long has given me rose colored glasses that have blinded me from the pain. The pain and the realization about my life. The "why" of me. I feel alone in a weird sense. I feel like I have so often connected through this medium of a computer that it has become clockwork.

Normally, I wouldn't have done something like this. Normally, I would have stopped gaming and inevitably relapsed when i felt lonely. Normally, I would have gone back into the cycle that so cruelly continues itself.


So Dear Diary, let's become new friends and do all the things that only Nick could do and awalkingcane would never have done. 

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