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Morning Routines / Evening Routines etc.


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Here is my morning routine in case you are interested ?

My Morning routine:

Get up instantly

- The moment you wake up, get up instantly instead of snoozing

- Place your alarm clock far away from your bed so you have to get up in order to disable it. If you are using your phone as an alarm clock, charge it far away from bed.

- Have multiple alarm clocks like phone + traditional alarm clock + alarm clock with light sunrise simulation

Listen to Audiobook

- My choice are the audiobooks from Audible, I recommend anything from Eckhart Tolle like The Power of Now. I would avoid things like YouTube cause their algorithm is designed to make you keep watching their videos so you might get stuck in procrastinating

- Can help you to reach the right mindset for the day and listening to talking wakes you up quicker

Eat Breakfast -> Do Dishes -> Brush your Teeth

Stack these together, it is called Habit stacking (more info in books like Atomic Habits). I always manage to do my dishes and brush my teeth because I treat these activities as a whole instead of three separate ones. Actually most (if not all) things in my morning routine are habit stacked

Take a Walk in Nature

Maybe one of the most infuential thing to do for me is to take a walk in nature or to go as close to nature possible. Nature calms and refreshes oneself


I put my gym clothes on and watch YouTube video called 7 minute workout and follow it doing the exercises in it. After workout I stretch my muscles and drink protein drink. Then I take a shower

Make your Bed

I make my bed at this point because it is good to let it ventilate a bit instead of making it immediately in the morning


It is always a good habit to meditate, so I do 5 minutes of meditating with Calm app. Naturally there are many other apps like Headspace

Gratitude journal

Journaling is a great habit and there is no reason one shouldn't be doing it. Gratitude is also proven to give benefits so I write 3 things I am grateful for every day

Gamequit journal

I fill my journal in this site by just writing my thoughts. Should I follow some principle? Also this is the earliest point when I start my computer

Check messages

I always avoid checking my messages and email inbox as the very first thing in the morning because I believe it isn't a good way to start my day with all the stress it might involve. I want to check them only when I am ready to do something about them. I also don't really open any work related emails late at night

Plan your day

I write my "To-do list" in app called PomoDone and work in cycles of 25 minutes productivity and 5 minutes of break. Highly recommending this to get things done, app has timers for both productivity and break cycles


- > Start your day


What do you think? I gladly hear any thoughts, suggestions or feedback. Or you can share your own morning, evening etc. routine. There are much more in-depth info too but I didn't want to write too long post. My morning routine is always developing, some things have been in there for long time, some things are new!

I also have an evening routine if you are interested to hear about that too

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