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Going on 7 weeks, what's been going on


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Hey all, I dropped off the face of the earth since my first post but I have been pretty happy with my results so I wanted to post again.


I'm going on 7 weeks no gaming, I still play board games and dungeons and dragons but I don't devote the same time to them like I did video games. I've started a lifting program and have gone to the gym for about 2 and a half weeks straight now, stopped buying vending machine food, and started packing most of my lunches.

The result? I feel amazing.

My mind is the clearest it's ever been, eating less sugar and not having the insane video game stimulus has really helped me focus and crush my goals. My anxiety and depression are fast diminishing, I feel as though I don't need anti depressants or counseling anymore. Quitting games seems to have started a domino effect of me starting to gain control in my life and I love it.


I've always hated communities like this when I used to play games, I would say those people are weak and had no grasp on the real world and can't do the things you need to do but still maintain time to play games. It seemed so fake to me, but quitting games has really helped me achieve more in life and I see now how faulty my mindset was.


I had two friends ask me if I was coming back to play the Monster Hunter expansion. I considered it, I love the game and I love playing with my friends and it's been a game I've played for many years. I thought about maybe just playing that one game? Then I started to think about the other games I HAD to play if I'm getting into one. I realized that it's still a very fresh wound I'm trying to close and shouldn't go back soon, if at all.


Things are seriously better, my relationship has improved with my girlfriend and I'm slowly losing weight. It's amazing and I hope others achieve the same happiness I feel in being more in control.


Thanks for reading.

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