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Hello everyone, I'm addictedtoo and I'm from the UK. I work [40 hrs/wk] in a warehouse and in my free time, rather than trying to progress in life (like get a better job), I spend my time playing video games and surfing the web - these are not activities I would like to be doing but I do them anyway out of habit. I feel like I don't have much control over myself when the computer is on and when it's late at night I seem to want to play more instead of go to bed. 

I didn't have work today so I played video games for 5 hrs and surfed the web for 5 hrs or more. I don't think I've even left the house today. The time is now 11:30 pm and I quit. I've had a enough of this lifestyle. My parents wanted me to become an accountant or lawyer - and honestly, that's what I wanted too - but I pushed everything aside for video games and even dropped out of school. I really want to get my life back on track. I quit tonight and wont play video games ever again. I have installed 'Cold Turkey' on my pc and so i also wont be mindlessly browsing the web either.

Now that I have quit I have a decent amount of free time. Here's what I plan to do with it:

  • Read more.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Exercise and workout.
  • Do photography in my free time (I bought a used DSLR + lens today)
  • Learn a foreign language (or more) using Duolingo.
  • Learn to play the piano.
  • Draw more often.
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