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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Thinking about quitting games might want to make your game more?


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I have heard that watching game videos and twitch or consuming gaming content makes your crave more, and from my experience that is true.


What if (counter intuitively) the though of quitting games, makes you think about gaming more. I've been looking at more of Cam Adair's videos, listening to podcasts he has been on, and other gaming addiction videos since I thought I might need some more help in the last few weeks of the detox (I'm 77 days in). I feel my cravings now are greater than when I started, when I took a more carefree approach and told myself it would be easy and I can do this own my own with no help. I would just think about other things and act like games never were invented. This approach in theory seems to be more effective than actively trying to quit and reduce carvings by doing research. I guess it goes with the old saying, what you resist, persists (which isn't always true of course, but it can be). For the next few days, besides this post, I will try to go without thinking about games or researching into quitting or reducing cravings it, in a carefree way.

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