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I am slightly fearful

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Hey everyone, I’m 24 and I’ve been hesitant to quit gaming for a while now. I’ve played games for so long that it almost feels wrong to quit. But the results speak for themselves. I haven’t achieved any of the goals I’ve set out to do in my life thus far, I don’t have many friends and the ones that I do have I barely contact. I feel awkward in social situations, and when I game I always feel like I’m searching for some kind of excitement that isn’t going on in my life. I stay cooped up in my room for hours on end on the computer, hoping to feel something besides disappointment in myself for gaming so much. I don’t want to quit. But I know that limiting the amount of time that I play doesn’t work for me, it only makes me want to play more. Does anyone else feel a similar way? I’m honestly scared to quit, I’ve gamed for my whole life. But I’m 24 and don’t have a job and I live with my parents and I’m tired of not living the life that I know I can have. I am an addict and I need help. I’m going to try the 90 day detox and see how far I can get. I apologize for this wall of text, but it felt good to just get that stuff off my chest. I look forward to talking with you all in the weeks/months/ however long to come! 

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