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Hi, my name is Edoardo I'm 20 from Italy.

I have finally admitted to myself that my gaming addiction is a big problem, and want to take control of my life. I want to experience everything I have missed because of this and more. For years I have fallen into various addictions such as smoking, alcohol and of course, gaming. This has lead to a vicious cycle where I let these things, my emotions, and others take control in my place. Now I am ready to let all these things go, and while I know it will be hard I think I am ready to do so. I wanted to start with quitting gaming as it is the longest addiction I've had and one I relapse to the most. I have never tried joining a community though, and I hope this helps. Already admitting this to myself and to others makes me feel a little 'lighter'. 

Hope I can get out of this mess, and hopefully give a hand to someone else.

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hello Edoardo , welcome to the forum!

when you say " I have finally admitted to myself that my gaming addiction is a big problem " that's 50% of the way to solve the problem and that a huge huge step for you! i myself had addiction to gaming , i joind this forum couple of days ago then i immideately deleted league of legends in my laptop and i gave my laptop to my dad. now i use on old laptop to study. 

you can also delete whatever you play just now and start doing something for your life ! like my friend someday was smoking then he suddenly throw the cigarette and said enough this was the last time , and it was really his last time . i hope you start making progress in yourlife very fast

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