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Sometimes I thought my issue with university was a long time a social problem. I didnt know many people there to hangaround and so I had also not much motivation to start with my learning. But currently I know pretty many people there and I have many guys to speak with. However now I see that this isnt the game changer problem. Its surely a good thing, but it doesnt lead to much improvement  in my learning routine.

Still my biggest problem is to learn at home. At library etc. its going good. Of course there are also many things I can improve there (more concentration etc) but at least I can sit my ass there and do some work. At holidays it works good but during semester...hard. Christmas holidays are coming but sadly all librarys are closed during that time till new year ?


University just started 2months but still I see myself now again in a pretty bad situation. Its not thag bad because I know I can just take again a semester off and study on my own again. But obviously I dont want to lose time on finishing my degree...

Thats the current situation

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