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First day is tough, but I will hold on to it

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Today is my first day to quit the game( I joined the fornum yeasterday). In the morning, everything just went so good, I didn't feel any desire to play the game. And in the afternoon, things became a little different. I went to the library to study by myself, and in the past, I always played some games after studying for one or two hours. But today, I had decided not to play any game. When I studyed in the library, every time I thought about quiting the game, I feel some anxiety about that, and I just cant help shaking my legs and waving my minds to bear the anxiety. It has lasted till now. By the way, It's 21:50 in China now. But luckily, although I feel bad about that and cant keep a peaceful mind, I just didn't give in and restart the game. :) That's what I feel good about myself.

Besides, after seeing one of your posts, I begin to think that maybe I should cultivate my new hobbies. I still remember I have a lot of things that I wanted to learn, but then I spent most of my time on games instead of learning these meaningful and useful skills. I think it's my time to pick them up again and fill my life --- especially for my time when I have finished my studying work and don't know to do. And the hobbies can help me not to think about the games, which will definately make me feel better.

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