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Hi Game Quitters!

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I'm Sabrina, I'm 16 and I've been doing quite a bit of gaming since I built my new PC. It's not so much taking over my life, but I'm scared that it will possibly lead to that. Right now, I'm looking for reasons as to why I'm gaming so much, because I feel like it may help me spend less time not only gaming but spending time on Youtube and the Internet in general. I'm not really looking to quit, I just need a reason to reduce my time online and ways I can motivate myself to do so, so I hope Game Quitters can help me out on this one!

Let me know if you're in the same boat as me.

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Not in the same boat as you. I'm a full-blown 29-year-old addict.

But I think it's great that you're taking preventative measures to keep gaming from being a problem.

As far as motivation to reduce your time with technology, you should try visualization. Visualize yourself 10, 20, 30 years from now. As you attempt to do this, get as detailed as possible. What kind of clothes will you wear, what kind of car will you drive, where are you living, etc. The more specific the better. And most importantly, visualize yourself in your career or reaching your goals or becoming "what you wanna be when you grow up".

Then when you know what your future self is like, ask them what you end up doing to stop or temper your gaming. Because once you've visualized your ideal future self, they can tell you what it will take to get there.


Now, I know it sounds corny or even mystical, but visualization works. Self-fulfilling prophecy, law of attraction, many theories to back up the practice of visualization.

If you need any other ideas, my DMs are always open

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Not in the same boat

I fell into the trap and now I try to get out and if you believe it or not there is the lighthouse.

I am 17 years old so we are of the same generation, you know better than me that leaving out video games we are still very, very dependent on smartphones and social networks.

I started to find hobbies that come out of the internet and all the technological stuff, I try to do things that our grandparents did

Cooking, painting, reading, writing, etc.

If you have not yet fallen into the trap then set yourself limits: today I will play 1 hour with the PC then I will go for a walk and then I will go 1 more hour, etc.

I believe that finding alternative hobbies and a clear goal can really help you

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