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How to run Mozilla Firefox without add ons?

Jesse Matt

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There are number of issues, which have been fixed by customer support team. Here, user may see the solution for one:

How may I run Mozilla Firefox without add ons?

  1. First, user should tap the option of “Start”
  2. It is now required to tap the option of “All Programmes”
  3. Individual should now tap the option of “Accessories”
  4. Now, tap the “System Tools” option
  5. However, user should select Mozilla Firefox (No Add-ons)
  6. Individual could even use this command to start Mozilla Firefox without add ons:
  7. “%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\iexplore.exe” -extoff
  8. User may even open Mozilla Firefox and type “about: No Add-ons” in the address bar
  9. It is now needed to see that whether the problem gets solved or not

Visit: Set Homepage on Firefox

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