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New to the community, here’s my story

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Hello everyone, 

I’ve been gaming off and on since my pre-teen years. I’m currently 27 and getting married in the fall. I had a tough reality check when I almost hit rock bottom last year financially. 

Gaming took a firm hold on my life in high school; weekend halo parties turned into weekend WoW raids, and gradually video games replaced almost all social interactions I had. I was a heavy set kid, so on top of not having strong social skills I was the receiving end of a lot of bullying. This manifested as quite severe social anxiety in college, which lead me to drop out after 4 semesters and enlist in the military. 

The military was a positive force, as it forced a new lifestyle and routine on me, but it lacked any staying power because the mindset was never addressed. 

I got out of the military in 2015 after semi-successfully moderating my gaming habits. I say semi-successfully: I wish I had made more meaningful and lasting relationships with the people I served with, but there were some Friday nights that I would opt to play Dota or Starcraft instead of go out with guys in my division. 

After getting out, however, my lifestyle took a bad turn. I felt like I had lost the identity I had found through the military, and realized I was (at the time) a 24 year old with no college degree, a part time income as a bartender, and a lot of debt from the college I had attempted. 

For the past 3 years, gaming has allowed me to avoid dealing with life. I have put off finishing a college degree, I have put off achieving health and strength goals (weightlifting became important to me while in the military, but has since taken a backseat), and I have felt crushed in my self esteem as I hide from dealing with real world issues (I didn’t have health insurance until this past winter). 

Gaming is a crutch I have used to deal with the realities and struggles of life. I am entering into a new chapter of my life in the fall (I’m getting married, as well as starting a new full time job with a navy friend). 

I found this website via Reddit, and am committing to a different me. Both for my own health and happiness, as well as being able to bring the best to my job and the family I’ll be starting with my wife. 

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Good to know you are turning life around again. I just startet myself and look forward to see what other people like you have of stories and ways to deal with quitting gaming.


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James said it all. Keep your motivation and your intent in mind. Remind yourself of it whenever you feel that anxiety and compulsion cravings bring. Maybe write it down somewhere and look at it sometimes. Add or subtract things as you feel necessary, but always keep them with you. They are the reason you are sacrificing yourself, they are the goals you have been delaying with gaming, so, in order to keep gaming away, remind of your reasons why.

Good luck! And best wishes to your and your significant other!

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