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Trying not to game for 90 days (or longer)

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25 year old autistic man here, i don't think i'm a gaming addict but i should turn off my pc more.


I have been gaming since school got me a laptop, because they didn't have the time to fix my poor handwriting, that was when i was 7 or 8 i think, at that point it wasn't bad, my parents restricted me to 30 minutes a day, and i couldn't just buy and download games easily.

But after a year or 2 parental control was getting less and less... So i spent way more time.

Fast forward to more recent times:

I'm currently living in a protected home, not sure how to translate it, but its similar to a dorm, but with more control to teach people like me to live on their own, in half a month i'll move to a 2 bedroom apartment, which is a normal rental.

Last thursday i deleted all games and gaming platforms from my pc, and now i'm busy trying to find new hobbies, unfortunately i'm unable to work, so i have a lot of time to fill...

When i get that new apartment i can finally put my pc in another room so i don't have it in plain sight all day.

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