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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My new journey begins here :)

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Hello everyone,

My name is Robert, and I just started my journey with Game Quitters. I already feel so excited, and I am looking forward to seeing great results in my life. I decided to quit gaming for several reasons; I realized that gaming had become a huge part of my life and I spend a lot of time playing games that I do not have time to do things that I enjoy and I kind of lost my identity. I took a semester off, and I was spending all day playing games. I think my story is going to be very similar to Cam's journey. I have depression, social anxiety and lots of other struggles and when I think about them, I ask myself are these results of excessive gaming? I came to this conclusion that gaming is most likely the reason for all of these. I wish I decided this long time ago... I broke up with my ex six months ago (after five years) and I think gaming has affected my relationship as well. Anyways, not I am excited to find new friends and more importantly find MY SELF. 

I want to be that good student with 4.0 GPA again, I want to be that active, happy and social person again and I believe I can do it. My goal is to go to medical school, and I think quitting gaming could be a massive step for me to succeed. Today is my first day without games, and I already feel fantastic. I got rid of my laptop and all other stuff related to gaming, so I won't be worrying about them being around. 

I am looking forward to meeting new people here and have some chit chat :))



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Important first step. Remember to make it difficult to play games, make it as hard as possible for your future self to play games. Because your future self will want to play at some point, and if he finds it too troublesome, then there is high chance he will no go through with the gaming idea. This is the greatest method I have found.

Good luck!

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