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The First Ten Days

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I'll be honest.
Although I have been doing extremely well these first ten days, I'm scared I'll slip up and relapse to square one. In a week or two, some family is coming from Canada and staying in my room while I will be on the couch downstairs where my brother's xbox one is. Everything is off my computer and phone but the console isn't something I own, I'll ask my parents/brother about putting it out of site until they want to use it or something. 
Other than that, I'm scared about the end of the 90 days. I just saw a post about someone who did the 90 day detox but went back to old habits. I haven't completed the 9 modules yet so I'm sure that will help. Either way, I need to start working on a plan for when I am done with the detox to either give it up permanently or have a highly regulated relationship with it. Any advice would be nice, but for now, here is the first ten days

90 day gaming detox
Day 1 of 90
Massive headache, need more water
Talked about games with my friends, mentioned I'm taking 90 days completely off
Unsure about whether or 
not watching YouTube gaming is ok

Day 2
literally dreamt pretty vividly about playing overwatch but a strange remake. In the dream, was crying about breaking my streak. 

Day 3
remembering things about video games I haven't touched in a year (injustice2 when talking about batman)

Day 4
Another dream about breaking my streak, but with hearthstone.

Day 5
Almost all my porn is video game related.

Day 6
Getting to bed/getting up an hour to a half hour earlier, spending the extra morning time on youtube.

Day 7
Tired, miserable

Day 8
need to go beyond 

Day 9 
took Netflix off phone

Day 10
Ow my head, wish I could play again.

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