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Hi all

This is my 1st time posting here so I think I'll start with a bit of pretext 
My name is Frank, I am 28 and I work as mechanical engineer and most recently a new dad
I found this group after listening to Cam speak on the Dad's edge Podcast the other week
A few days after listening to that interview I had a shameful incident where I lost temper with my newborn son who was just in need of soothing all because my having to soothe him prevented me from getting my weekend fix for gaming 
After this incident I said enough is enough and have decided to embark on my personal journey to detox from gaming for the rest of my life, hopefully

As of the time of writing this I am only 1 week into this detox and like many of you I am struggling to find some activities to occupy the time that used to be taken up with gaming.
Outside of work which takes up 10-12 hours of my day currently, I already engage in some personal activities that take me away from gaming such as weight lifting at the gym before work, training in Aikido 2 nights a week at a local dojo, Reading and as you would expect with being a new dad I spend quite a bit of time after work helping my wife with our son.  

The issue I am finding with filling what time I was spending on gaming is that a lot of the activities I am coming up with such as creative writing, playing in or DM'ing a D&D group, playing board games, starting a training course, fitting an extra session in at the gym, starting building plastic model kits or table top wargamming (such as warhammer 40K). 
Is that all of these activities seem a bit selfish in that they are all solo activities that only appeal to me and that my wife a) isn't interested in or b) really doesn't have the patience for
I know that my wife and I's 1st responsibility is tending to the needs of our newborn son and our home but when we don't have our hands full with him and when there is nothing to work on the house it would be nice to do something together which isn't just sit in front of the TV and watching Netflix or us going out for a meal, which don't get me wrong, is nice every now and then however with me being someone who has always being one that required growth or progress in some way I can't find that sitting around on the couch/lounge or sitting in a restaurant. This lack of feeling like I was growing or progressing is 1 of the reason's I spent too much time in games.

The one activity I have thought of that we could do together was for us to resume learning Spanish like we were before we travelled to Spain, to visit some of my family after our wedding a few years back, which I think would also be great for my son as it would mean that he could grow up in a bi-lingual home like I did growing up with Spanish speaking family members here in Australia. 

However other than this I am struggling to come up with other ideas so I would really appreciate some help from the community 

Thank you in advance for your contributions

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