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Paco's Journal


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Day 6

Today I went out with my wife. I feel the urge to play videogames, but I know that I must resist.

I stayed away all day to avoid being in my house thinking about how bored I feel without gaming. And that worked.

Also, today I had these self-deception thoughts saying myself that maybe I could only play on weekends, but I already discovered it will not work. I need to quit gaming forever.

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Day 9

I already gave away my PS4 and my steam, blizzard and PSN accounts.

I'm thrilled about this journey.

I feel like I'm gonna live a good life.

The activities I chose to replace gaming are these:

  • To be mentally engaged: Writing articles.
  • To be social: Create a business mastermind group.
  • When tired: Hear fiction audiobooks (already hearing song of ice and fire)
  • When bored: Online Courses/read non-fiction books.
  • When feeling stressed: Walking with my dog.

My back ups:

  • Mentally engaged: Road trips with the wife (this is more like a weekend activity because my business doesn't let me do it every day).
  • Resting: Meditation.
  • Social activity: Dance classes with the wife.

Environment changes:

  • Work at my house terrace.
  • Work at a starbucks (I actually always hated starbucks and preferred to work from home, but I'll try to change this)
  • Go to the country (road trips).

What I'm grateful for:

  1. Having a family that loves me and has always taken care of me.
  2. Having a business I can grow.
  3. Being alive.
  4. Having my own house.
  5. Having money to buy food.
  6. Having a dog
  7. Being humble enough to recognize my flaws.
  8. Having the oportunity to quit gaming.
  9. Having friends.
  10. Having personal transport (car).
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