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After going through the loop of uninstall -> detox -> moderate -> relapse (binge) -> uninstall -> regret cycle too many times, I finally pulled the trigger and sabotaged my online gaming accounts in an irreversible fashion. That was a week ago. It feels really good, I'll say that. I've been making actual progress on my studies to catch up on a month or two of work that piled up. It's kinda hard and I'm sick right now, too, but if I have to get my diploma and qualify for universities, I'll just have to live through this for two more weeks. There are a dozen assignments, college essays, the normal schoolwork, on top of end-of-semester science exams. I think I might be screwed, but I'll try my best to get it all done. I don't know if I can. Even when I was really productive I didn't do this much work in such a short time frame. I got myself into this shithole, I guess. 


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