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Committing to a new lifestyle journal

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Hey Guys,

I'm starting a new more severe challenge and as such think it's fitting to start a new journal. I believe my previous failure is at least partially due to many other negative things in my life, making gaming impossible to quite in the presence of all these other things. Many of these include recreational habits, but I think subtle lifestyle features like my diet also effects my ability to abstain. To remedy this my challenge will be super invasive almost to the point of becoming a new lifestyle.

The abstentions features will include:

No gaming

No Fap hard mode

No Videos of any sort

No social media


The lifestyle features will include

No desert foods (I know it's not well defined but I'm just going to try to avoid taking in excess processed sugar)

Also going to eat something every 2 hours

I'll add in a fitness component when my knee is usable (dislocated it a few days ago)


Other things I plan to do is write a reflective post about my day at the end of a day and a day plan at the beginning. Also meditating at least 5 minutes in the morning and before bed will be mandatory.


If I breach any of these rules it will be considered a relapse at which time I will switch back to my old flip phone as punishment.

A second relapse means I have to trade computers with my grandma (trust me this is prime motivation)


Alright guys I'm starting this now, wish me luck 

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Gonna be a short first reflective post. Up to the point of this post, my day was extremely unproductive. I spent my time watching Netflix and lounging on my couch, things that are hard to avoid when your leg is in an immobilizing brace. On the bright side, I rallied myself in the second half of the day and got a bit of work done. I'm still ahead of my university courses so the hit I took from today's laxness was purely moral, but I expect more from myself. Tomorrow I plan to make up for it twofold. With the aid of a new mobile brace, I'll reassert myself and try to get back some of the momentum that this injury stole from me.

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