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Day 4 - First real cravings


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This is going to be short, just something I want to write about before I go to sleep to organize my thoughts before I get a fresh assault from cravings tomorrow.


I read this article on Ars Technica today basically saying that as gamers get older they trend towards puzzle and strategy genres rather than the adventure, action, racing, etc games that they were fans of as kids.  It made me wonder whether I could find some happiness with puzzle games(games I generally avoided growing up) that I've lost, since I've come to realize I no longer enjoy most of the games I played as a kid and only ever want to play addictive social games.  I've just really been craving giving them a try all day but I know nothing productive can come of it, especially since the buzzword I see used most often to describe a good puzzle game is 'addictive'.  I just need to stay away from game news I think, I knew going into the article that reading it was probably a bad idea ? I have a feeling that if I gave in, I probably wouldn't spend long with the puzzle games, it would just be a gateway back to the more addictive social games.

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