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30 days journal, i need the tribe

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Hello, after much thinking I decided to start this diary for 30 days. Only 30 days because in 30 days the account of the game in which I was addicted for 4 years will be fed all and I am afraid to return, so I consider that social support can be a great point in my favor.
A brief introduction, I'm in the middle of my 30 years and I've been playing since I was 10 years old. Only in the last year have I spent 1000 hours in an online game to the point of playing whole days since I got up to sleep, I could not think of anything else, it was so brutal the force that exerted on my mind for playing that I was losing the meaning for life
So I have not played for 14 days and in 30 days my account will be deleted and the temptation will disappear.

I decide to write in this forum since I am reading an excellent book and in the chapter that I am talking about the importance of joining a tribe that looks for the same goals we want, in this case, stop playing. the book is:

Thanks and sorry for the English, it is not my main language

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