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How do I activate the same reward centres that video games do, but from real life activities?


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Hi all,

this question is related to a long term gripe I've had and have been unable to solve. Essentially as a young adult I played counterstrike (a PC first person shooter video game) to a professional level. Since then, I've never reached quite a level of success, nor am I able to sustain as intense an ability to practice a skill. After quitting professional gaming to focus on my studies, I used video games as a study break with great success. I'd study for 90minutes or so, then take a 30minute break with video games, it was extremely good for switching off completely from studying.

Current day, I don't play any video games at all as I struggle with self-control and them, I found it too easy to justify sitting down to game instead of spending an evening batch cooking or something to make my week easier.  I've done well for myself professionally, I'm married etc but I still feel there's a missing component in mastering myself.

I wonder if there's a way I can find other activities which are similar in their intensity to video games, yet are more positive for the long term in my life? I don't see video games as a bad thing but for me, I cannot use them in a balanced way in my life, hence I need to look elsewhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions or resources I could look to around this area? I feel like if I could harnass my 'gaming' side into real-life skills, I would be set for life.  As it stands I 'make' myself do positive things but it seems to require a high level of discipline, it all feels like 'work' to some degree.

I've had a few suggestions to gamify my life using habitica or something similar which I'm looking into but I'm looking for other ideas too.  I figured someone on these boards may have already figured this out and they could help?

Thank you

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Thank you for the reply Dannigan.

I've watched quite a few of Cam's videos now, I guess my question centres around the challenge and constant growth elements as those are what draw me in the most and made me enjoy playing (or so I believe.)  While Cam mentions these elements, I don't feel he directly addresses replacing them with like for like or further instruction on how you can get this from real life activities, though perhaps I missed a few messages.

With the dopamine hit, I played competitively something like ten years ago and otherwise haven't really played video games in at least four years, probably more.  As such the quitting element isn't a problem for me and any dopamine regulation I would expect to have taken place long ago.

I've been weight training for many years, though I suppose it's more of a maintenance activity now rather than a clear focus and maybe I need to change that.

Thank you

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