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I'm on day 25 of stopping gaming.  Before now, losing weight seemed many miles away.   Since I've stopped I've lost 10 lbs.(4.5 kg) by counting calories with myfitnesspal.com (free) + I got a step counter watch (such as fitbit) and I noticed that with my free time I consistently got about 4000 more steps per day.  Also I plan to join a gym, but I've lost this weight so far just walking and eating better. Also eating more vegetarian meals and portion control helped immensely.  I also have friends and family cheering me on on these websites.  

I started at 317.8 lbs (144 kg) and in 25 days got down to 307.2 lbs(139.3 kg) for a total of 10.5 lbs (4.5 kg).  For me this is a awesome change.  This is 49.8 BMI(Body mass index) to 48.1 BMI.  While all this is still considered extremely obese, I am headed in the right direction in just 25 days.   Before, while gaming,  I got up to 320 lbs and coasted there for months.  Before I felt like there was no hope for my weight.  Now I have hope that I can change.

I'm still taking time to venture out into the real world.  So far I've done things like observe a martial arts class, got to the library with my kids, and attempt to go on a vacation with my wife (we both got sick upper respiratory infections).  Even though we couldn't go on the trip, my wife appreciated that I was willing to travel and honestly want to spend time with her without a compulsion to go back to the computer to game.  I'm also going to visit with my extended family during Easter, when I had all but abandoned them out of shame that I had gained so much weight and had no job because of a mental disability.  Once again there is more hope.

Also I've joined a recovery group(Celebrate Recovery) that helps me with hurts, hang-ups, and habits.  I've got 3 big ones including eating too much, gaming too much, and porn addiction(I haven't looked at porn since the 1st as well).  This group has shown me love and supported me in spite of my problems.   They genuinely wanted to connect with me.   This is the first time in a long time that I felt like someone wanted so be in a real friendship with me, without a digital(online), transaction-based(you scratch my back, I scratch yours), or one-sided friendship (same-interest group).  Yes this is a Christ-centered group, and that suits me.

Also I feel like I'm giving back more in my life than just taking, if that makes sense.  I'm feeling in life what I do is more meaningful. 

When I was in the military I felt like I was important.  I left with a hole in my heart.  I turned to gaming to try and fill the void.  Now I have my faith, friends, family, this community(gamequitters), and more time to do what I want without the constant pull of the games.  

These are some of the things I've done in the past 25 days.  See what happens in your life when you stop gaming and start living away from the distraction.

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In the past week (I'm on day 25) I've done more facebook surfing than in the past 3 years.  I definitely need to get this under control again.  

I still sit at my computer, instead of gaming, I'll look for updates.  From anyone I know.  From ads even.  It's pretty embarrassing.

I will get out of the house more.

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Gratitude Journal:

1. God

2. My amazing wife

3. My 2 Kids, ages 7 and 12

4. My cat

5. Beautiful Sunsets and scenery

6. Warm clothes

7. Extra Clarity (since I quit gaming) (feels like some of the fog has lifted from my eyes)

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It looks like your first 25 days have been wildly successful. That's really awesome to see. 

During my last detox I used YouTube as my replacement for gaming, and it turned out to be just as pernicious. Finding some quick activity to do at home may help when easing down time on Facebook. Reading and push-ups are two examples that work for me.

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