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Tech questions, wizards of PC I summon you


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Hello, I have a couple questions:

1) How can I save the Respawn guide on iphone 6 (last iOS version) without having to download it every time?

2) Are there website-blockers for iPhone? I want to block specific websites, just to be sure. The best thing would be a blocker that works on Safari and Chrome, since I use both.

thank you ;)

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1) Since iOS is pretty restricted about saving own documents and read them (especially pdf files, which I assume the Respawn guide is?) you can do it this way:
- Upload the guide to dropbox
- Get a ebook reader app with the ability to import books from dropbox (or any other cloud such as onedrive)
- Import the guide into the app
(Small tip, if you are into it: Some speed reader apps also allow importing from cloud drives)

2) Haven't found anything for chrome but this and this guide shows it for safari.
There is a app called 1Blocker in the app store which can block websites, but I am not sure if it blocks them system wide for all browser - might worth a try.

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