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Hello, friends!

As my profile shows, I am Brazilian, and Brazilians are a people that likes to exchange culture. I am no different of that. Obviously I listen to US music, and music from other countries too, but the point that I love the most in our culture is music. So I want, in this topic, show a little of our music. I'll try to present different styles and types, and I want to know the things that you liked the most. I'll start bringing songs that are already in the internet, and translating their lyrics, showing some interesting informations, and then I can evey play and sing them, but I don't have a good camera or mic for that, so you shall wait for it. If you like the idea, tell me, and if you want to bring some contribution, or showing some good songs of your countries, this is the place!

I don't have much time to day to talk about it, so I'll start with instrumental music, so I won't need to translate anything. I remind you that I'll show a bit of each style, from Classic to Funk, passing through Sertanejo, Forró and MPB. This song below makes me want to dance.

This one is "Mourão", composed by César Guerra Peixe. He is my favorite composer in these styles, but not as known as Villa-Lobos... This song has the style from our Northeast region, and it's very beautiful. Tell me what you think of this! :)

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