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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Looking for help on how to live a different lifestyle


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As an evangelical christian, your history with God and how you're getting away from him is very confusing, and yet, it would be unhelpful to only say that.

Just remember that what is "normal" and what's "crazy" is defined by peoples views of the world.

This is what makes the people who gamed with us find us crazy now, while we find each other normal.

We can also take it one step further analyse the minds of psychopaths and highly sensity people. One hurts people for their own benefits, the other can't stand pain at a point where they donate a kidney to a complete stranger. Both find what they do normal and what the other do crazy.

So, just live your life to the fullest friend. You're capable and you'll sure get to know God eventually.

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Just continue to figure yourself out. Maybe try to focus on the reasons for your aversions to money and technology rather than the objects themselves, after all they are just objects. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself kinda thing. Even the Amish have money, they just ride their buggies down to markets to sell their wares. Also, they deal with companies that will buy their products and sell them in the modern marketplace, so they know their products will be advertised and sold via modern technology. Sadly, unless you grow your own food, build your own shelter and make your own clothes, then you will need money one way or another. So maybe concentrate on why you are against it and stick to a path that makes you feel you come by it honestly and in enough amounts to cover your basic needs. If you have extra money, then you can donate it or spend it on others and do good by your standards and make an impact on others.

Technology is a little easier to get by without once you have figured out your path. You could probably figure a way without having a phone or a computer or internet. Maybe just a landline if need be. Jobs may require a phone or internet access, but if you are against that then you would need to be in business for yourself or find a like-minded person to work for. 

So just keep with it, and you'll figure it out. Lock down the principles you want to live by and try to find a path that sticks close to that as possible. If you find an honest way to earn a living and stay true to yourself, you may find peace. Same thing with scaling back on technology. Look at it as a tool and just use what little you have to for the tasks at hand. While you may need the most basic phone on the wall, that is far from a smartphone in the pocket, or a TV+PS4 in your house or a computer on your desk. You'll figure out the balance to be happy and still be able to navigate through the current technological society.

Good luck!

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How are you today?

Please come back with news.

You said you want to stand up for your beliefs. This is very good, you are authentic with your values. You are thirsty for something that this life that you are living doesn't have. There's a desire in your heart. Why is it in your heart? Why do you care about people around you? (my advice is to open up with your parents and friends, because you need fleshmade people to discover ways of existence... Not saying "ah, now I'm a monk" because you are not a monk. But there is something that isn't working) Do you recognize on you any need of loving people?

If you want to talk about christian faith, message me so we exchange ideas.

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Dear Tanner I am so sorry to hear about the pain, sadness and confusion that you have been going through lately

It sounds absolutely awful I can't imagine the stress you're under, and I really wish I could be there to give you a hug right now. 

Needless to say we welcome you here with open arms and I for one feel honoured that you have chosen to open up to us.

I hope these pictures will speak louder than words ! ! ! ! !



(^^^ All of GameQuitters giving you a hug ^^^)


dd68700118b9475e027d54a5f24b129b.jpg 21471451287149040.jpg


(I'm sorry if that was too many hugs but I wanted to be on the safe side !)





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