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Why you should write in other languages


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This section fulfills 2 main purposes:


1. Giving a space to members to be able to fully express themselves in their native language and lexicon as well as opening the opportunity to be answered in that same language in return.

This is your chance to connect more deeply with potentially nearby people (or at least enthusiastic about your language), vent using your own swear words from back home (really therapeutic) and avoid that familiar feeling of not being able to properly convey thoughts and (especially) emotions in your "other" journal.

(That being said, you really, really, really should have a journal in English, since you'll be able to get support from many people around the world. If your time is limited, prioritize that one).


2. Reach even more people who are struggling with gaming addiction, right now as you read this.

Having fully implemented versions of Game Quitters and Game Quitters Forums in many languages seems a bit optimistic in the present time. However, at the end of the day, it's our experience what makes the most significant impact in the fight against videogame addiction. We discuss many things in this forum and the /r/StopGaming/ subreddit. We discuss healthy habits, we discuss hobbies, we discuss living a life of purpose. We discuss unhealthy things too; sometimes we even discuss how to avoid them. But all those topics have their own fields of research, there's information available about them, places to go and get educated, about psychology, nutrition, social skills, all kinds of activities and passions...

But our testimonies here are unique. We are the research on videogame addiction. We are the frontline. Let me ask you a question. When you decided to quit, how many fellow quitters did you know in your close circles that you could rely on for guidance and reassurance? According to statistics, you should have known of someone, or the friend of someone. And yet I can safely bet the vast majority of us arrived here by chance, after a tentative google search in the isolation of our rooms. 

And then, we found Cam. It's not about Cam (putting aside his monstrous efforts to keep all this gig running), but when we heard about Cam and Game Quitters it was not about the man, but his story. He told us a story that resonated within us, in our deepest cores. We all thought: "Damn, this guy is throwing a big chunk of truth and fact in my direction, and it smells". It stirred our insides. Made us leap and take a first action. One single story, our story, is what made possible that we are here together. Lives were fixed. Others were literally saved. No melodrama, just the facts. The hardships some people had to face when they first arrived here and quit games were in some cases brutal. But things will keep getting better for many, if we keep this alive. 

That's why communication is so important. A single story brought thousands of people together. That's why your story is important. Perhaps this forum and the subreddit look a bit hostile to someone unfamiliar with the language of Shakespeare, but a story can be reshaped. It can be cut, pasted, edited, formatted, translated, summarized, put into a blog, a newspaper, a twit. Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a friend, family member or acquaintance of yours and say: "Look, I know what you are going through. I was in your shoes, and so many people were as well. Here, take a look"? 

Your story counts.

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Allô alors – j’essaierai qqc en français . . . vive la francophonie! 

Pour francophones / francophiles j'ai mis les accents en ecrivant un document en Word, ensuite copiant de ce document  dans lequel on peut mettre tous les accents, tandis que le programme ici n'en a point.  

Espérant que ça vous aide un peut.

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