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Getting my wisdom teeth removed - scared

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Greetings fellow community

Octobre the 25th will be the day where I will have to wisdom teeth removed in my left jaw. I postboned this decision for years but now my dentist made it crystal clear that the consquences would be quite dire if I continue to do so.

The thing is, i made the decision before I quit gaming and the idea behind it was that a certain game would be released at the same time, I game I WAS looking for alot and I was hoping I could play said game during the time where I was sick- clever I know.

Now with me quitting games and being half way through my detox (horaay) this is of course out of question.

What I am asking you is, what can I do during that time? I cant really do work out, I cant take long walks like usual, I could read and write I guess but most of my hobbies at least for the moments are outside. I am a little scared it might get boring.

Also I am terrified of the operation itself but thats a different story althogether.

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