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The 7 rules of Paracelsus


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I find these rules valuable, a guide for living a good and happy life. About Paracelsus, you can find more here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paracelsus

1. Improve your health.

To do this we must breathe as often as possible, deep and rhythmically with well-filled lungs, outside or looking out a window. Drink in small sips every day two litres of water, eat lots of fruits and chew food as consistently as possible. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and medicine, unless for some reason you are subjected to severe treatment. Bathing daily is a habit you owe to your own dignity.

2. Banish from your spirit, despite the many reasons that may exist, any idea of pessimism, resentment, hatred, boredom, sadness, revenge and poverty.

Run away from every opportunity to deal with people who are vicious, vile, murmuring, lazy, and gossipy; also avoid people who are vain or vulgar and of inferior natural baseness of understanding or whose topics of conversation are sensualist topics. The observance of this rule is of decisive importance: it’s about changing the spiritual texture of your soul. It is the only way to change your fate because it depends on our actions and thoughts.

3. Do as much good as possible.

Aid any person that may be in need, but never have a weakness for anyone. You must take care of your own energy and avoid any form of sentimentalism.

4. Forget any offense, better yet, strive to think on the wellbeing of your greatest enemy.

Your soul is a temple that must never be corrupted by hatred. We are all great beings that have been led by an inner voice, but this will not speak to you suddenly; it requires preparing for it over time, destroying the overlapping layers of old habits, thoughts and behaviours that way heavily on the your divine spirit, which is perfect but powerless because of the imperfect vehicle that you have provided it for its manifestation, lean meat.

5. Seek shelter where no-one can disturb you. Sit as comfortably as you can with eyes that are half shut and a blank mind.

This fortifies the brain and the spirit energetically, and it will connect you with good influences. In this state of meditation and silence we usually come up with luminous ideas, capable of changing our entire existence. With time the problems that arise will be victoriously resolved by an inner voice that will guide you during those moments of silence, alone with your consciousness. That is the diamond which Socrates talks of. 

6. You must be absolutely silent about your personal issues.

Abstain yourself, as if you had taken a vow of silence, from telling others, even your closest friends and family, anything you think, hear, know, learn, suspect or discover. For a long time at least you must be a safe house or sealed garden. This is a rule of utmost importance.

7. Never fear men or what tomorrow might bring.

Have a strong, clean soul and everything will turn out for the best. Never think of yourself as weak or alone because there are behind you powerful armies that you cannot conceive —even in your wildest dreams—. If you raise your spirit there will be no evil that can touch you. The only enemy who you must fear is yourself. Fear and distrust of the future are the dire mothers of failure and they bring disaster along with them.

If you attentively study people who have good luck you will see that they intuitively observe a great part of these rules.  It is true that many people who enjoy great wealth are not necessarily “good” in the strictest of senses, but they do possess many of the virtues mentioned. On the other hand, wealth is not synonymous of happiness. It can be one the factors that lead us to it because of the power it gives us to partake in grand and noble works; but truly lasting happiness is only achieved by following other paths, that is where the ancient Satan of legends will never rule, his name is Selfishness. Never complain of anything, control your senses, run both of humility and vanity. Humility will take your strength away and vanity is so toxic it is almost a deadly sin against the Holy Spirit.

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