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I am a recent college grad from the U.S. I don't really know what I'm doing career-wise, and I don't need to find a full-time job urgently . This leaves me with a lot of free time alone. I've had problematic behavior around tech since I was four years old, but it has only gotten worse the longer I've lived. The effects are becoming more physical - I've developed visual snow, my joints don't work the same, and I'm 22 I am concerned about my health long term if I keep doing this. I admit I already quit games, but after I quit, my main compulsion has been internet and other technology. I know the origins in my compulsive use originally game from and I see it as the same problem. I am hoping this community could be helpful for my own self reflection. My main goal more than anything is to learn how to enjoy my own company without resorting to an emotionally numbing compulsive habit. I want actual hobbies. it would also be nice to find consistent in-person friends. Hobbies I imagine myself doing is knitting, embroidery, creative writing, playing music, biking, going to the library, praying/meditation. The 60+ hobby worksheet makes me excited.

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