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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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I had played games as a kid and probably had a problem then and did give up when I was in college for two decades.   I recently got back into gaming by some peculiar way.  I had a gift card that had expired for cash redemption and could only get prizes.  My wife suggested the game system since it was the pandemic and other than work I just stayed home for 3 years and had zero connection to the outside world.  At first the gaming DID give me that connection.  It was also fun to see how I could balance gaming with all of my other responsibilities with family, exericise, other hobbies, work, home, and the list goes on and on. 

I did always have some sleep issues but gaming made it worse where I would start waking up early and couldn't get back to sleep since I was thinking about trying to find time for the games before I had to to all of the other stuff.  My sleep got worse and I eventually dropped lower priority hobbies. 

I then started realizing I was having a problem. My mind was telling me stuff like it is ok to drop this hobby for awhile.  The sleep loss was also taking a toll on me physically.  I had heard about game quitters actually through a spiritual( hindu ) community I am involved with as the guru prohibits games and someone suggested this site. 

I liked Cam's honest approach and also not demonizing games.  I DO think there is some benefit gained from games. In my time playing some games like Astroneer or Minecraft or others, I did start to develop an intense interest in exploring deeply the natural world.

My main issue was the addictive quality.  Previous games were becoming boring and I was starting to constantly search for new games to play that were better.  It was an endless search and also trying new games out.  It takes awhile with modern games to learn. 

I am in Day 4 of my detox.  So far I have already been sleeping better and I have gotten other stuff done.  Games had a grip on my mind where I almost could not do other stuff because there was a pull to the system with any time that was not filled with pressing needs. 

I do have some negative emotions like sadness about giving up the activity.  I am asking myself if I will have to quit for good.  But for now I do know I have to take some time off.  I don't know how much time. 

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