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Trying to decide if I should quit or at least cut down on gaming in my situation

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Hi, I’m Shelby. I’m 25 and I have been trying to decide whether to quit / cut down on gaming . I came across game Quitters and this sub when looking up stuff about game burnout . I don’t actually play that much games ( that website says about 800 hours or 80 a year ) and only play about 1 hour or so at a time every few days , and only after I’ve got my school and some exercise done. I am also disabled with Bipolar 2 , Agoraphobia , autism and ADHD which makes it hard to go out and try new things, combined with only getting $100 a month in allowance and not having a job ( I’m working on getting one part time though ). I didn’t think I had a problem with gaming because I played so little but when I do play I find I’m not even enjoying it most of the time. I feel like I’m just compulsively playing to get the game done so I don’t miss out  when I do play and can’t wait to get to the next step and be closer to done. However despite this, I still feel like games are a huge part of my identity . I sometiems spend up to a few hours a day on my phone or iPad reading about games and I spend about 1/4 to 1/2 of my limited monthly allowance on games ( I have hundreds of games from bundles or sales that I mostly haven’t tried)
I’d like to at least cut down on gaming being part of my identity, kinda redefine myself . Right now I’m feeling like I’d rather read books or watch shows based on or similar to my favorite games than actually play them anyway. 

Advice and guidance / opinions would be appreciated as well as tips for other hobbies someone with anxiety, bipolar/autism and limited money can do to live more 

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I would cut the games temporarily and quit altogether and try other hobbies.  There are many other hobbies to try from gardening to Dungeons and Dragons to reading.  I myself am a spiritual seeker but also play DnD.  I am only on Day 2 of my detox and play far more than you with limited time so I am giving up games at the moment until I clarify what I need to do long term for a more fulfilling life while still meeting human needs for recreation and connection that I got through gaming. Perhaps building imaginative worlds through writing and reading. 

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