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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Bad Fortnite addict, quit starting yesterday 3/30

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Hello everyone,

I've had a bad Fortnite addiction for almost 2 years. It has impacted my family in a tremendously negative way, including my wife and all four kids who are ages 5-13 now. I know that I have an addictive personality and that I can never play something like this in moderation, so I have to quit forever. Over the first 24 hours I have had some seriously bad dopamine withdrawls, including bad nausea and orthostatic hypertension - and I only slept for an hour last night. I'm committed to the 90 day mark which seems like the average detox, but I hope that it is faster because this is really brutal.

No matter what it takes I am quitting this and never looking back. Best of luck to everyone out there and I will update my progress as any new changes in my condition happen.

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