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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Started respawn program

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Hi guys i'm Ellis, I live in the UK Manchester. I'm 11 days game free & just purchased the respawn program today.


The reason i've quit gaming is because I was sick of how it was making me feel. I'd spend about 4 hrs a day gaming over the past 6 months & could feel that everything outside of gaming was becoming meaningless & boring.


I also have other aspirations like running my own coaching business, training more, forming deeper connections with more peopld & findind a romantic partner.


Although i still pursued those thing when I was gaming I felt as if I could put a lot more energy into them & knew gaming was making more anxious & depressed.

So here I am, looking forward to quitting for life.



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Hi Ellis.  Well done on taking the first step in quitting video games.  The respawn program is great and now that you have purchased it, please do the work.  I purchased it many years ago and thought I could slide right through it.  Some things got hard for me and I dropped it.  Still have been unable to quit for a long period of time.

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