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Quitting for 90 days today

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm 39 years old and I've been a controlled gaming addict for about 15 years. I stay up late playing games and I get up early before work to play. On the weekends I still get up early to play before my kids wake up. It's gross. My brain loves it and craves it, but of course it's a bad lifestyle all around. I can feel my back and neck posture deteriorating from all the time spent in a chair. I've quit for short periods in the past and it's really hard. I get irritable and I'm not satisfied with any other activity, which are signs of an addiction, I know. I've sold and re-bought consoles 3 times last year alone, so selling the console doesn't help. It's just too easy to buy a new one with a couple clicks.

Today, I'm committing to 90 days of no gaming to reset my brain. It's a realistic goal (but does sound really challenging) and I'm hoping I'll lose interest in games after 90 days. I'm going to store the console at a friend's house in hopes that I won't waste my money and buy another one. I want to be interested in other things and I hate the distraction that games create. Life is too short to live it in front of a screen!

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Hey Talonkb5, hope your 90 days is going well. I am up day 15 myself. I feel cravings, nostalgia and the thought of never gaming again produces a bit of melancholy. However I agree that 90 days is totally realistic. Hope you're getting some good sleep (getting up before your kids sounds exhausting).

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