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Addiction ruined my life


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Hello im a 21 years old men in France (im sorry in advance if my english is not really good).

As a little kid i was having a good life, good relationship with my familie and the people arround me I was playing video game but occasionaly when i was having nothing else to do. But when i was 10 yo we moved out in another town and things got really bad I was having no friend at all and was bullied every day that when i started playing a lot.

At 12 yo i started making new friend but they were like me bad relationship with other and hardcore gammers. Every years in school i was working less and my grade was slowy decreasing.

At 18 yo i started smoking and taking drugs i was still in school but i was one of the worst student in my class.

At 20 yo i failed my exam so i worked in different minimum wage job and my day was like waking up going to work when work was finished going back to home to play video game and get high af.

Now im 21 its been 2 month since i quit my job to get back on my studies but my life didnt change and here im am doing video game all day and skipping class. I know i have to change my ways of life i want to be happy and make my parent proud but i keep failling everything and that why i came here and sign up for the respawn program to help me get my life back.

Thanks for reading that have a good day.

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