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A Grand but Troublesome Quest


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Hello there, I am Calvin, only 20 years of age. I've researched a lot of different things to try and find ways to fix the problems in my life, and while the problems stem from a difficult childhood involving my mom passing away and getting 7 new step siblings (among other things), they haven't been fixed by resolving those issues. My maladaptive coping mechanisms, specifically Gaming, YouTube, P and M, are still at large and control my life. I tell people I don't have the patience to achieve my big goals or just do homework when that really means that I can't sit at a piano for five minutes without leaving and consuming again. Hence the Grand quest, to kill four dragons in one fell swoop, and hopefully become creatively driven in the process. I've definitely tried before, and troublesome is the adequate world to describe those attempts. Sally forth my brethren and sisteren, there is a long and arduous, if somewhat boring, journey ahead. o7

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