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Reclaiming my life


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Hello all,

My name is Alex and I've been game-free for just under a year and a half now. I started gaming when I was a young child, probably around elementary school was my first serious exposure to PC gaming, and I also used consoles and hand-held devices growing up. However, turn-based strategy games on the PC really turned out to be my Achilles heel and what hooked me for probably upward of 10,000 hours on a small handful of games. It got especially bad in college when I was out of the home and living on my own and faced with stressful situations that made escaping into gaming for days and weeks at a time look like a very attractive option. Ultimately it hurt me both in terms of my academic and career progress, and even more importantly it undermined my relationships with other people and turned me into a person that I did not like or respect. There were a couple of other addictions that contributed to my finally hitting rock bottom, but I think gaming definitely stole the most time from me - time that I can never get back. I thank God that by His grace and mercy I've been able to build a truly blessed and prosperous life despite all the time I threw away and the terrible decisions I've made, and I'm here to re-affirm my commitment to living a game-free life focused on what truly matters. 

Looking forward to being a part of this community,


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