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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Former Gacha game addict, decided to quit 3 years ago, and now going 2 years and 7 months without Gacha

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Hello everyone, you can call me Cozy. I recently discovered Cam's videos through Youtube recommendations; wish I would've seen them much sooner!

I am a former Gacha game addict, spent about 2.5 years from May 2018 to November 2020 playing only gacha games on my phone, mostly Empires and Puzzles. I would play this game on my phone every day, ignoring and pushing away my friends, my family (including my wife and baby boy at the time), I would schedule my life around the in-game events and daily login rewards, staying up way past midnight doing these events and quests. I didn't know it until recently watching GQ videos, but I was an addict, and I am glad I got help back then.

3 years ago today, I made the decision to quit playing Gacha games, when my wife advised me to track my screen time by apps on my phone. I discovered that day that I would play for 8 hours a day, minimum. I am here today a much better person; got a new and more satisfying job, now involved and present with my kids, and have restored some friendships with people I had previously pushed away. 2 years and 7 months ago, that's when I successfully stopped playing Gacha games.

I joined today because I wanted to share my story, hoping that it would help those who are currently struggling; also because I want to stay vigilant about my kids habits when they inevitably start picking up controllers as they get older, being fully aware myself of how destructive bad gaming habits can be. You can read my whole story here on this thread I replied to earlier today 🙂

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