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Blogs about my Mental Health journey with Gaming and Psychosis

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Hello everyone!

My name is Samuel and I want to share two blogs I've made about my mental health journey.

My first blog is about how video game addiction and negative worldviews led to my psychosis: https://samuelmentalhealth.wordpress.com/mental-health-awareness-week-blog-how-addiction-and-cynical-worldviews-led-to-my-psychosis/

My second blog is about the changes I've made by quitting video games and how that is key to healing: https://samuelmentalhealth.wordpress.com/change-is-key-to-healing/

Let me know what you think.


All the best,


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Thank you for sharing your journey and these blogs about your mental health experiences. It takes a lot of courage to open up and share such personal stories.

I read through both of your blogs, and it's inspiring to see how you've reflected on your experiences with video game addiction and the changes you've made for your healing process. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

I'd also like to share a resource that might resonate with you and your journey: Tips for Using the Serenity Prayer in Mental Health at https://fherehab.com/learning/tips-serenity-prayer-mental-health. It offers some insights that might complement your own experiences.

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